Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Elon Musk buys Bitcoin igniting the next bull run

The digital money market is a lot of work as we enter the weekend program. Dogecoin was pulled by traders on Reddit and speculators on Twitter, which resulted in a 600% increase. However, the most interesting and unexpected news is that Tesla’s founder, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, Elon Musk, has finally bought Bitcoin.

The speculators in the cryptocurrency community are in beast mode as Bitcoin is shifting at the top. In less than an hour, Bitcoin has returned from $ 32,000 trading over $ 36,000. The big move has begun to affect altcoins, which have been showing significant signs of a rally.

Speculators pump a Bitcoin price of up to $ 40,000

BTC recently tested the $ 30,000 support, an action I described as further undermining. Bitcoin needed to hold this support. Otherwise, the descending triangle could send at lower prices, perhaps less than $ 25,000.

Recent profits of more than $ 32,000 have added credibility to the rescue operation; however, Bitcoin buyer Elon Musk has raised prices to $ 36,000. In the meantime, BTC has returned to trading above all three moving average rates; 50 SMA, 100 SMA, and 200 SMA. Because the Relative Strength Index is not very expensive, the cryptocurrency of pioneers could shoot up to $ 40,000.

In the meantime, if the price fails to hold more than $ 36,000, high pressure is likely to increase. A bearish leg below 100 SMA or $ 34,000 can create huge sales orders. People who pull the price now can throw it away, adding to the sales pressure and perhaps pressing Bitcoin back to $ 30,000.

Ethereum touches $ 1,400 amid high speculation

Ethereum is predicted at $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 in the coming weeks. However, the second-largest cryptocurrency sells for less than $ 1,400. The break above the drop line pattern occurred as predicted on Thursday. Trading above the 50 SMA has added credibility to the bullish perspective in addition to providing support. Meanwhile, a pump at the price of Bitcoin has upgraded ETH to shrug its shoulders for $ 1,400.

Ether exchanges hands for $ 1,360 as buyers strive to earn more than $ 1,400. What’s more, the eyes are selling new records for as high as $ 1,500, which is likely to result in larger buy orders as speculators are heading to $ 2,000 shortly.

Significantly, the $ 1,500 refund will be temporarily terminated if the $ 1,400 resistance remains unchanged. With the downside, high pressure could push Ethereum back to a 50 SMA support at $ 1,300. Depending on the size of the staff, Ether could also test the latest funding of $ 1,200.

Ripple starts the final trip at $ 0.4

Ripple has constantly heightened in worth after stock to $ 0.24 during last week’s fall. Other critical levels to keep in mind are 50 SMA and 200 SMA has strengthened the presence of bulls in the market. As of the time of writing, XRP trades hands for $ 0.28, after passing more than 100 key SMAs.

As previously explored, exit in the equilateral triangle pattern has levels above $ 0.4. Such a move could also result in a bull running XRP after huge losses due to a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit against the issuing company, Ripple Labs Inc.

Needless to say, Ripple must adhere to the 100 SMA support to support this practice. Failing to do so, XRP may revert to the triangle, suggesting that the recent exit was a false signal. Other critical levels to keep in mind are 50 SMA and 200 SMA.

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